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Guitar and other instruments tuner


netAction, 2011-06-25

It does not find /dev/dsp and crashes.

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, 2011-06-01
It does work.

Excelent program!!!!!!! All you have to do is install the OSS for Alsa: sudo apt-get install alsa-oss The run the program: aoss gtkguitune

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Frank Zimmerman, 2011-05-02
Needs updating...there are other options

Seems to rely on /dev/dsp, a part of OSS (which isn't included anymore). You can get it to run from commandline: padsp gtkguitune However, it still didn't seem to work right for me. Would recommend lingot or fmit, both of which work fine. TuxGuitar also comes with it's own guitar tuner.

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pawel453, 2011-05-01
doesnt work on my new 11.4 installation

doesnt seem to work :(

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