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YouTube app


Minitube is a lightweight and stylish YouTube application. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, Minitube gives you an endless video stream.

By automatically playing videos one after another, Minitube aims to create a TV-like experience. Stop fiddling, just sit back and enjoy.

Minitube is designed to be very easy to use. This simplicity is great for kids and grandparents. Consider getting Minitube as a gift for the whole family.

Minitube consumes less CPU, preserves battery life and keeps your laptop cool. That's because Minitube does not use the Flash Player. Minitube plays HD videos up to 1080p. Go full-screen and watch them play smoothly.

With Minitube you can search by keyword, search YouTube channels or just paste a YouTube link. Related videos are always a click away. You can also browse top videos for your favorite category and country. You can subscribe to YouTube channels and be notified of new videos.

Minitube is translated in more than 30 languages including German, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese.

Do NOT use the outdated "minitube" package. Use "minitube-ubuntu" instead.

Continuing development and bug fixes can only happen if there is money to support those activities. Please donate at

Also try Musictube, Minitube's sister app, on the Ubuntu Software Center.

License: Proprietary
Version: 2.1.5