Memory Owl

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Hardware requirements:
  • mouse

Memory Owl

dynamic memory game with funny twists and colorful graphics

US$ 3.99

Memory Owl is a unique, dynamic game that uses physics engine and adds multiple hurdles and helpers to spice up the classic game of finding pairs of pictures. It's suitable for all ages - even children as young as 4 years will find it amusing (especially on easy diffuculty setting). Find all pairs before they drawn in the rising water or are pushed out of screen by fish.


  • Physics,
  • 19 Earth levels,
  • 28 Water levels,
  • 28 Ice levels,
  • Classic mode,
  • Hot Seat Multiplayer mode.


  • Special educational levels for children.

Try the Lite version before buying to check how it works on your hardware!

License: Proprietary
Version: 1.62