Linux Format Magazine - Issue 174 - Upgrade your desktop

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 174 - Upgrade your desktop

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We asked in the latest Tuxradar podcast for the reasons that you change distro. The most frequent one was the choice of desktop. But you don't have to ditch your whole distro in order to get a new user interface: you can follow our Technical Editor Ben's advice and find the desktop that's right for you, so you end up bossing your Linux machine around rather than it controlling you.

Elsewhere in the magazine we've more desktoppery, as we follow Linux Torvalds' advice and tweak Gnome with a tool called Gnome-Tweak-Tool, and the Unity/KDE 4/Gnome 3 debate rumbles on in the letters pages.

Back in the world of Real Work, we manage multiple machines with Puppet, get a better filesystem with btrfs and learn how to buy Aeroflot tickets to Caracas without anyone finding out, with our roundup of the finest anonymising distros known to man. All that, plus reviews (Snow Linux. Noobs, the Mirabox, er, Prison Architect), news and other essential free software information, delivered on 100% recycled electrons or 100% chlorine-free paper.

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