Linux Format Magazine - Issue 170 - Hack The Web!

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 170 - Hack The Web!

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The internet is full of unpleasant people who would love nothing more than to steal your passwords, crack into your WordPress site and generally make a nuisance of themselves at your expense. So we learned their black arts so that you can protect yourself against them, and in the process we discovered that protection rackets have moved online through the power of DDOS attacks.

Also in the magazine we put a media centre onto a Raspberry Pi with Squeezebox (and control it with an Android phone), use the latest version of XBMC to do something similar, broadcast our excellent through screencasting, share photos with Digikam and salivate over the excellent games that we can play now that Steam has arrived on Linux.

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All this and more, in your cracking/hacking latest Linux Format!

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