Linux Format Magazine - Issue 168 - Linux vs Windows 8

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 168 - Linux vs Windows 8

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Microsoft has been alienating its users by making pointless user interface changes, dropping support for its instant messenger app and not providing software that will play a DVD.

We can either: a) Point and laugh like Nelson the bully from The Simpsons; or b) show the poor, huddled masses of Windows users that there is a better way. Or, if you don't use Windows and don't know anybody who does, you can simply marvel at how much better off you are because you use Linux, and congratulate yourself on your sound judgement.

Also in the magazine! There's coding a-plenty, with an introduction to Ruby, a beginner's tutorial on Scratch and the latest instalment of our Django series.

You can assuage your fears over UEFI, wrange KDE 4 to your personal preference with our missing manual, writ your own command-line tool, discover the best photo editor for Linux and find out why free software developers should learn from the Bible. All this and more, in Linux Format 168 – the super-middleweight issue!

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