Linux Format Magazine - Issue 165 - Raspberry Pi Supercharged

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 165 - Raspberry Pi Supercharged

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Supercharge your Raspberry Pi. It's project awesome!

Take control of your telly, your devices that run embedded Linux and more, as we uncover the potential of the Raspberry Pi. With a bit of patience, a soldering iron and a couple of circuit boards, you can even use one to control an LED display to light up your favourite winter-based religious festival.

Also in the mag you can delve in to the labyrinth of patents to get some background on how it all relates to free software, take your first steps with the Django web development framework and create a simple Dropbox clone that you can use without fear the The Man is snooping on your stuff.

We look at Bitcoin, we make a mess with Inkscape, and we scratck our heads and wonder why the excellent Ubuntu has taken such a nosedive with its most recent release. All this, and more, in shiny paperless electronic form, coming to a PDF reader near you!

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Version: 1.0