Linux Format Magazine - Issue 160 - Red Hat's billion dollars

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 160 - Red Hat's billion dollars

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How to make a billion dollars the Red Hat way. Yes, a billion dollars!

While other tech companies have been making headlines, Red Hat has been making money, and it has done so by selling a product that anyone can get for free: Linux. Is this a con trick? Alchemy? No: it turns out that hard work, expertise and giving the customers what they want is still a good way to do business. We spoke to the Red Hat chaps to find out more.

Also in the magazine we find out the pitfall-free way to add a new hard drive to your setup, build a supercomputer the easy way with a Beowulf cluster and turn our Raspberry Pi into a file server.

And for the less hackery but still geeky we report on the Open Data Cities conference in Brighton (the government collects data, we pay the government, so we should own the data, dammit!) , reassess the role the Firefox plays in the collective heart and mind of the Linux community, and give Hockney a run for his money with Gimp.

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