Linux Format Magazine - Issue 159 - Ubuntu vs. Windows

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 159 - Ubuntu vs. Windows

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Ubuntu 12.04 vs Windows 8: we throw them both to our merciless testers. We've been hearing from Canonical for ages about how Ubuntu is trying to attract new users to Linux, which is why the company doesn't seem too bothered to be losing ground to Mint: it figures that it will more than replace them with people who are new to computers and may not even have heard of Linux. So why not compare it with another operating system that's also had a renaissance: Windows 8? Let the battle of the reinvented desktop paradigms commence!

Also in the issue we talk to Allison Randal, technical architect of Ubuntu, about how the Unity experiment is going and how the HUD fits into Canonical's grand plan, and hear from the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon about how best to report bugs without making developers want to kill you.

Choose the best package manager for your Linux system, take a trip back in time with our hands-on guide to emulating classic games consoles, and empathise with the late nights Graham had to put in to bring you the definitive viewpoint on MythTV 0.25. All this and more in your new Ubuntu Format! Er, Linux Format!

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