Linux Format Magazine - Issue 158 - Beat the CIA

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Linux Format Magazine - Issue 158 - Beat the CIA

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There's always someone trying to get into your data, whether that be an insurance company wanting to find out how much of a risk you are, a non-evil search engine company wanting to target its advertising at you or a government agency trying to extend the powers of the state onto your hard drive.

But help is at hand: with our ultimate guide to privacy and data protection you can keep them all out of your /home folder, whatever their nefarious intentions.

Elsewhere in the magazine we're full of tips on how to map your perambulations with GPS, impress easily-impressed girls by getting them to touch your Android phone, and expand the limits of your computing knowledge with our roundup of alternative operating systems.

PLUS we blow our tiny minds learning how to make a working CPU out of logic gates, get at terrifying glimpse into the future with Oil Rush, and learn what quilting has in common with Linuxing;. All this, plus the usual heady mix of tutorials, in Linux Format 158!

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Version: 1.0