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Timestep Data Viewer (Illuminator)


This little library provides contour surface viewing for PETSc's 3-D distributed array (DA) objects using the Geomview viewer, and distributed storage and retrieval of PETSc DAs of any dimensionality in the Illumulti (optionally compressed) binary format.

This package contains the tsview viewer for 2-D and 3-D timestep sequences stored in IlluMulti format.

This package also contains two demonstration programs: "chts" (Cahn-Hilliard timestep) with its front-end "chui" (Cahn-Hilliard User Interface), and "3dgf" (3-D potential Green's function visualizer). With mpich, you can run these in parallel using e.g. "mpirun -np X /usr/bin/chts" where X is the number of processes (optimally equal to the number of processors), with only process 0 requiring access to your X display for 3-D graphics.

License: Open Source
Version: 0.11.0