Fluendo Complete Playback Pack

Fluendo Complete Playback Pack

Complete set of multimedia plugins provided by Fluendo.

US$ 34.95

This product contains plug-ins which allow you to play certain proprietary audio and video formats. These plug-ins are not included in the default Ubuntu distribution because they are not free software. Ubuntu is driven by strong support for the principles of free and open source software, and these principles govern what we can and will include in Ubuntu. However, we recognise the common need for plug-ins such as these, and offer them here to provide a safe and legal way for our users to play back video and audio in the formats they wish. These plug-ins automatically integrate with GStreamer, the multimedia framework that Ubuntu uses for video and sound applications.

The Fluendo Complete Playback Pack includes all the plug-ins you need in a single package. This pack includes:

Windows Media Audio Decoder Stereo (Windows Media 7, 8, 9, 10, Pro, Lossless and Speech) Windows Media Video Decoder (Windows Media 7, 8, 9 and VC1) Windows Media ASF Demuxer Windows Media MMS Networking MPEG2 Video Decoder MPEG4 Part 2 Video Decoder DivX 3.11 Alpha ;-) Video Decoder H.264/AVC Video Decoder MPEG2 Program Stream and Transport Stream demuxer MPEG4 ISO Demuxer MP3 Audio Decoder AAC Audio Decoder LPCM Audio Decoder VDPAU/VAAPI Clutter support to render hardware accelerated video in Clutter 3D Texture AC3 Audio Decoder (Dolby Digital) for Totem Media Player only iLBC Audio Decoder ADPCM Audio Decoder

License: Proprietary
Version: 12.0.0