A set of gedit plugins for developers

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A set of gedit plugins for developers



gedit-developer-plugins (GDP) are a set of plugins for gedit that provide additional editing features for software development. GDP provides:

  • Multi-file find and replace Directories and file types can be specified. Regular expressions are supported.
  • Syntax completion Python completion using the file's imports and definitions. Simple word completion based on the words in the file. XML tag and attribute completions based on document structure.
  • Formatting Format paragraphs, lists, and imports. Reformat test using regular expressions. Check the syntax and style of Python, XML, CSS, and plain text. Check and reformat Python doctests and CSS.
  • Project management via Bazaar DVCS integrates bzr-gtk to show status, tags, annotations, visualize, commit, merge, and push. Open files changes in the branch.

License: Open Source
Version: 0.5.15