GTK-based BitTorrent client

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GTK-based BitTorrent client



Flush is a GTK-based BitTorrent client. You can use it to download files from the BitTorrent network.


  • Controlling running instance by command line interface.
  • Running many instances with different configs from the same user.
  • Automatic copying finished downloads to specified directory.
  • Setting custom download path for each file of the torrent.
  • Ability to choose torrent file's character set encoding.
  • Automatic torrents loading from specified directory.
  • Automatic pausing and removing old torrents.
  • Temporary pausing and resuming torrents.
  • Overall and current session statistics.
  • Creating your own torrent files.
  • IP filter. Flush uses Rasterbar's version of libtorrent.

License: Open Source
Version: 0.9.12