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Hardware requirements:
  • mouse


Everybody Dies

US$ 9.99

The Press Said:

'It's continent versus continent in a game of mass genocide, but spectacularly detached from the humanity of it all - Cold, calculating and remorseless' PC Format (UK)

'Introversion are masters of tension and strategy...It's got a retro look to die for' PC Gamer (UK)

'DEFCON will be a game many others will want to play as they celebrate freedom, creativity and gaming by nuking each other into oblivion' PC Powerplay (Australia)



Introversion Software presents DEFCON, a stunning multiplayer simulation of global thermonuclear war.

Take on the role of a General hidden deep within an Underground bunker. Compete against the computer or online against your friends for total world domination.

Start by launching battleships, subs and bombers in order to decimate your opponents defences. Scramble together your alliances but remember only one can stand victorious.

Prepare your pre-emptive strike before one of your supposed allies gets the same idea. Choose the perfect moment to obliterate your opponents with an apocalyptic thermonuclear barrage, but get it wrong, and their devastating counter attack will bring you to your knees!

Its Global Thermonuclear War, and nobody wins. But maybe - just maybe - you can lose the least.

License: Proprietary
Version: 1.6