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Hardware requirements:
  • None


Like typing on paper

US$ 2.99

DayJournal is a minimalistic digital journal that lets the content you create outlast DayJournal itself.

  • Future proofs your journal entries by saving them as plain text and organizing them as you go. This means you can read or create entries when you don't have DayJournal.
  • Automatically saves as you write.
  • Easily sync journals with Ubuntu One or Dropbox because you choose where your journal folder is.
  • Add pictures to your journal entries.
  • Manage multiple journals.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to navigate through entries.
  • Create a journal archive file, an html page that looks great when printed so you can keep a physical journal too.
  • Add entries from anywhere by using the Blip Journal app for Android. DayJournal can automatically import text and picture entries created with Blip Journal. On iOS? Now DayJournal can automatically import entries from the Day One journaling app as a beta feature.

Simply put, DayJournal is the simple digital journal that finally does it right.

See for more or if you have any questions for the developer.

License: GNU GPL v3
Version: 22.0.7